Prof. Dipl. Ing. Tina Kammer at by KIT

2022 Symposium by the KIT Faculty of Architecture

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Tina Kammer gave a lecture about the ongoing deep changes across the design, construction, use and reuse of buildings at the symposium, held by the KIT Faculty of Architecture in April 2022. She talked about the transformation of existing structures and the impact of architectural activities on the climate.

video: Pink Event Service GmbH & CO.KG
cut: Natascha Steiner

In her lecture “Precious Re:built” at the symposium, she specifically called for building better, less and differently. She also showed three projects from her office in which she has implemented the careful and respectful treatment of the existing.

Tina Kammer has been following developments in the field of sustainability since the 1980s. After working as a cabinetmaker, architect in London and on international projects, she co-founded InteriorPark. At lectures, in consultations, workshops and juries, she promotes sustainable developments. Her studio InteriorPark. specialises in sustainable architecture and design concepts. Since 2022, she has been teaching architecture for sustainable construction as a professor at the IU International University.

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