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We publicly address and work on the challenges and the necessary changes in the construction industry. We meet our responsibility and encourage a common discourse and mutual exchange for a sustainable construction industry. Moreover, contributions to topics such as the use of resources, energy issues, circular construction methods and digitalization of construction are being communicated to the public and to interested specialist groups. In conclusion, our goal is to create a blog for an international network by presenting cross-sectoral contributions and showing different perspectives on a sustainable construction industry.

Sand – From linear to circular use

Prof. Dirk E. Hebel, KIT Karlsruhe

“To reduce our dependence on sand as a finite resource, the demand can basically only be changed by introducing a true circular economy or by substituting sand as a raw material.”

Sand – A resource in great demand

Prof. Dirk E. Hebel, KIT Karlsruhe

“Sand is the most widely used solid raw material in our world. It is the megastar of our industrial and electronic age. And we rely on it.”

From breeding, cultivation, seeding and harvesting of future building materials

Prof. Dirk E. Hebel, KIT Karlsruhe

“We will not be able to meet the demand for resources from urban mining alone due to the technologies that do not yet exist to transform materials 100%. We need to increasingly fill this gap with a shift towards regenerative cultivation, breeding and cultivation of future building materials.”