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Sponsoring partner of the ChangeLab – Wacker KIT Innovation Platform for Pioneering Sustainable Construction

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WACKER, a globally active chemical group headquartered in Munich, Germany, is supporting “ChangeLab! WACKER / KIT Innovation Platform for Pioneering Sustainable Construction ” to forge stronger ties between researchers and actors at the various stages of the construction-sector supply chain. Shared platforms, such as symposia, will drive discussions on the bioeconomy within the construction industry and promote networking between the construction materials industry, architecture and construction research. WACKER expects to gain major impetus from this collaboration with KIT. “We are deliberately laying down a marker for the development of sustainable technologies in the construction sector. This topic is of strategic importance to us”, says Peter Summo, president of the WACKER POLYMERS business division.

The company has long espoused sustainable product solutions. WACKER POLYMERS, a world-leading producer of binders based on vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers, uses biobased acetic acid sourced from the timber industry to manufacture binders for interior wall paints. “We rely on discussions with experts at every stage of the value-creation chain to keep driving the adoption of these kinds of sustainable, innovative approaches,” stresses Summo. “The ChangeLab! platform creates the ideal environment for discussions of this kind among all participants.”


WACKER POLYMERS Sustainability Program

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“The Drive towards Sustainability is no longer a Trend, but a Business Imperative throughout our Value Chain. […]”

Peter Summo, President WACKER POLYMERS

WACKER POLYMERS follows a sustainability program with nine focus topics across the entire value chain – with topics directly linked to individual life cycle stages but also topics that encompass the entire product life cycle to minimize risks and identify opportunities.

Sustainable Raw Materials

The biomass balance approach is one of our methods to reduce the use of fossil ressources. 60% or 100% of the fossil-based raw materials required for the manufacturing of this product were replaced by biomass certified as sustainable.
Find below the biomass balance method for VAE-based Polymer Binders and Silicone Sealants:

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Portfolio Management according to “WACKER Sustainable Solutions”

Starting in 2017 WACKER evaluates its entire product portfolio within the WACKER Sustainable Solutions Program which meets the standard industrial according to guidelines from World Business Council for Sustainable Development for portfolio evaluations. Every product or product group with same properties is considered along the whole life cycle and is rated according to 12 sustainability criteria. The assessment covers a systematic approach classifying the sustainability performance of a Product in dependence of its Application and Region in Combination (PARC assessment).

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