Sneak Peek – Working on the Materials

The material library is supported by the different workshops of the Department of Architecture

Not only the space of the material library is currently being rebuilt and restructured. The contents of the material library are also being sorted, structured, edited and documented by the material library team at the same time.

The KIT Material Library team is supported in the restructuring by the different workshops of the Department of Architecture. In the wood and metal workshop, the material samples are cut to fit the presentation format.

After the material samples have been cut and catalogued in a material stock list, material photos are taken for the creation of data sheets as part of an online material database. This ensures that each material is sufficiently documented and can be identified.

The photo workshop is the last stop for the materials before they are again applied to the black carrier plates made of recycled plastic in cooperation with the workshops.

More information about the different KIT Department of Architecture workshops here.