Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge at by KIT

2020 symposium by the KIT Faculty of Architecture

Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge held a lecture about natural resources such as wood, bamboo and earth that have been the basis for the creation of human dwellings for thousands of years at the symposium, held by the KIT Faculty of Architecture in December 2020. In his opinion, wood, earth and bamboo are pre-industrial building materials that are still used in many parts of the world, are options for a post-fossil age of construction.

video: Aurora Motion Pictures
cut: Hanna Hoss

In his lecture “Architecture from Nature – Low-Tech Building with Earth, Bamboo and Timber” at the symposium, he talks about the transfer to future forms of life and building typologies and the contribution of natural building materials to reducing building technology and enabling healthy dwellings for mankind in the sense of low-tech building in different climates and cultures.

Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge is one of the initiators and directors of ZRS Architekten Ingenieure Berlin und the Chair of Natural Building Lab, Technische Universität Berlin. In his networks he is since 20 years researching on, teaching/learning, designing and building climate and resource adaptive, human architecture in different climate zones. The projects range from schools out of earth and bamboo in the global south, heritage rehabilitation, to housing, production buildings and schools out of timber, earth and natural fibre insulation in Europe.

His research is focusing on climate and cultural adaptive architecture and low-tech building systems. The work he is related with got awarded with the Aga Khan Award 2007, KAIROS Europäischer Kulturpreis 2015, Holcim Award 2011, Gold in Asia Pacific and others.

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