Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Klinge at grow.build.repeat. by KIT

2020 symposium grow.build.repeat. by the KIT Faculty of Architecture

Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Klinge gave an insight in her current Research Project for Circular Construction about the deconstruction, sorting and reuse of waste wood in prefabricated elements.

video: Aurora Motion Pictures
cut: Hanna Hoss

In her lecture “Reuse instead of recycling – wood as a multi-talent” at the symposium grow.build.repeat., she showed ideas and concepts developed in the office but also presented a project that was realized with the implemented research results.

Andrea Klinge, Dipl.-Ing. Architecture, M.Sc. Architecture, Energy & Sustainability, studied at the Technical University Berlin and London Metropolitan University and specialised in sustainable architecture.

Having previously worked in different architectural practices in London and Rome, Andrea joined ZRS Architekten Berlin in 2013 where she established the research department, leading the EU-research projects RE4 and [H]house. Her research focuses on the use of natural building materials in light of circular construction and an improved indoor environment quality and received a number of prices such as the Hans Sauer Award 2020 for circularity and a recognition at the Deutscher Holzbau Preis.

Due to her background as carpenter, Andrea works also practically to bring research results directly into application. She has implemented several small-scale projects constructed out of timber, earth or bamboo with students from different universities. In addition, she is a lecturer and is part of the classification committee for the creation of sample EPD’s for earth building materials.

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