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Atlas Recycling

Gebäude als Materialressource (Buildings as material resource)

Annette Hillebrandt, Petra Riegler-Floors, Anja Rosen, Johanna-Katharina Seggewies, DETAIL, München, 2018

In 2018, the Atlas Recycling by Annette Hillebrandt, Petra Riegler-Floors, Anja Rosen and Johanna-Katharina Seggewies was published, which provides a collection and catalogue of buildings and construction components that have been designed under aspects of a circular economy in the building sector.

Today, it is less a question of potential savings than of ways to keep the immense raw material deposits in the building stock “active”. Apart from “sufficiency, consistency and efficiency”, this goal implies the intelligent use of resources, the recyclability of constructions, recyclable construction, in short: “urban mining” in the building industry. This requires a change in values and a fundamental rethinking in planning and execution.

The great challenge for architects and engineers is not only to convince with aesthetic, economic and socio-cultural qualities, but also to realise buildings that are equally sustainable and environmentally friendly. Deconstruction and recycling should already be given a firm place in the design in order to be able to exploit recycling potentials later on.

The Atlas Recycling provides the necessary expertise for the associated paradigm shift in construction. 

An extensive detailed catalogue shows all relevant component connections, the assessment of recyclability of about 70 materials  and provides detailed explanations of calculation methods and tendering aspects. And last but not least, details of realized examples provide many inspirations for the successful implementation in practice.

– Urban Mining – Resource city and buildings

– Construction and design methodology in the life cycle

– Guide detail catalogue of the relevant component connections