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Knowledge is the engine driving progress and development. The WACKER ACADEMY was created to share our knowledge. Under the motto “Connecting the Best”, it is a global forum where learners, networkers, creators and discoverers can exchange ideas.

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Founded as a training center for WACKER products for construction applications, the WACKER ACADEMY has developed into a knowledge platform for all WACKER products and is now a unique institution in the chemical industry. The 14 ACADEMIES are located at 11 sites worldwide and are networked to promote knowledge transfer globally. With some 800 events and 7,500 successful participants per year, the WACKER Academy offers a unique exchange of experts.

The active exchange, including with representatives of universities and associations, helps us to set the standards of the future.

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WACKER Academy

Cities are the innovation drivers for the construction industry. Here, land shortages, land-use conflicts and overburdened infrastructure meet many bright minds. How will we live in these new urban centers? What new materials will we use to build? Which innovations that are already available today have the potential to become established on the world’s construction sites? The WACKER’s Future City Construction web special explores these questions.

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City of the Future