Sneak Peek – Furnishing Materials in the KIT Material Library

Insights into the conversion of the KIT Material Library

In the past days and weeks, a lot has been going on in the KIT Materials Library: new materials for the interior of the room have been delivered. Two very different types of recycled plastics from European production are thus finding their way to Karlsruhe into the KIT Materials Library. Installed and used there, they serve as a new flagship for the use of materials from anthropogenic deposits and for the upcycling of materials declared as waste.

Sneak Peek 1 – first material © KIT Professorship of Sustainable Construction

The first material is a recycled synthetic material, made from waste plastics collected from a variety of post-consumer and post-industrial sources. The smooth surface looks like marble at first glance and is very scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and water-repellent. The slabs supplied are used as table tops in the KIT Materials Library.

The second material is also a recycled synthetic material, which consists solely of mixed plastic waste. The material has a black colour and the high-quality surface is slightly textured, giving it an almost slightly wooden appearance. The sturdy A4 size sheets are used in the KIT Material Library as support material for the presentation of all other materials.

Sneak Peek 1 – second material © KIT Professorship of Sustainable Construction

Both materials presented are used in the KIT materials library for different purposes. They are 100% recycled and at the same time 100% recyclable. That is why they fit perfectly into the concept of the KIT Materials Library, which has been planned and rebuilt to be circular and reversible.

More information on the first recycled synthetic material here.