Prof. Thomas Auer at by KIT

2022 Symposium by the KIT Faculty of Architecture

Prof. Thomas Auer gave a lecture about the energetical performances of old, refurbished and new buildings at the symposium, held by the KIT Faculty of Architecture in April 2022. He put forward the hypothesis that there are actually no prime examples or role models of energy refurbishment, but that each existing building must be considered and evaluated individually.

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cut: Natascha Steiner

In his lecture “Comfort strategies for flexibility and longevity” at the symposium, he showed by means of examples that the robustness of a building structure results of its flexibility and its minimized need of systems.

Thomas Auer is managing director of Transsolar, Stuttgart. The Climate Engineering practice has received international attention over the last three decades and is working on all scales from single buildings to urban neighborhoods. As Professor and Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design at the Department of Architecture of TU Munich he focuses on a holistic design approach. For buildings and cities, it is crucial to recognize the sustainability goals of the EU as well as the reduction of substantial CO2 emissions in the building sector, as defining parameter. Thomas and Transsolar have always advocated an understanding of energy efficiency that goes beyond technology. They develop holistic concepts that incorporate the urban and regional scale. The overall objective of this approach is to create maximum comfort in the interior as well as in the exterior of the built environment while minimizing the use of resources at the same time.