Mag. Arch. Roland Gruber at by KIT

2022 Symposium by the KIT Faculty of Architecture

Mag. Arch. Roland Gruber gave a lecture about sprawling cities and the so-called ‘donut effect’ at the symposium, held by the KIT Faculty of Architecture in April 2022. Showing different examples of his work, he explained the problem of cities expanding and growing at the outer edges while city centers are constantly becoming emptier and calmer.

video: Pink Event Service GmbH & CO.KG
cut: Natascha Steiner

In his lecture “From the edge to the middle! How the transformation of city centers could succeed” at the symposium, he showed how he achieves that the various empty and desolate city centers and villages can be filled with life again.

Roland Gruber has been co-founder, partner and managing director of nonconform since 1999, focusing on architecture and future spatial development of municipalities, cities and companies. He is also the initiator and curator of the Vacancy Conference and co-founder of LandLuft, an association for the promotion of building culture in rural areas. He is also co-founder of RURASMUS, a European scholarship with the aim of bringing young people to the countryside. Since 2021, he has also been vice mayor of the Austrian municipality of Moosburg.

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