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"Stegreif" Competition organized by the Professorship of Sustainable Construction and the KIT Zukunftscampus in Karlsruhe

In form of a “Stegreif”, the Professorship of Sustainable Construction jointly with the KIT Zukunftscampus, launched a competition for future outdoor learning spaces at KIT campus. A structure was to be designed that would enable learning and working in an outdoor environment. The design was to be independent of a specific location but should be considered as a flexible object for many possible spots and create a recognizable landmark for the KIT community.

1st prizes: “KONRAD” (D. Faltien), “Lerninsel+” (A. Resch), “Lern doch, wo du willst” (M. Weber)
Acknowledgement: “toolKIT” (E. Boerman)

All proposals developed have a high degree of practicality and are basically suitable for implementation. During their judging session, the jury decided in favor of three first prizes and one acknowledgement. The three first prizes were given to the projects of Dominic Faltien, Alexander Resch and Milena Weber, the acknowledgement was given to the work of Elena Boerman. The three first prize projects will be further elaborated in regards to the construction and consequently realization of a prototype.

More information soon on https://www.zukunftscampus.kit.edu.