KIT material library gradually takes shape

The Professorship of Sustainable Construction was entrusted with the reorganisation of the Material Library of the KIT Faculty of Architecture.

The conceptual and content-related reorganization is based on establishing a broad collection of the most used building materials in Europe. On top, new research and materials adressing questions of a circular construction economy as well as alternative building materials coming from either the urban mine or biological renewable ressources will establish a unique feature in Karlsruhe.

In addition to setting up a digital material library, the premises will be also restructured and brought up to a contemporary standard. After the renovation, the materials can be physically experienced and personal advice can be obtained. The material library will become a place of encounter, exchange, research and investigation.

The renovation of the premises of the material library began some months ago and a lot has already happened. For example, current new electrical installations are being installed and a new modern lighting design has already been completed and will be implemented soon.

After many areas have been uncovered, a contemporary repair of the ceiling and walls is now taking place as well as the preparations for the new glazing.

The new material library will thus become a spacious, airy room, which will already provide generous views from the outside. We will continue to report on the development status of the new KIT material library here on the ChangeLab platform.

The renovation of the material library is kindly supported by the Wacker Chemie AG.

Visualizations: Manuel Rausch, Professorship of Sustainable Construction, KIT Karlsruhe

Images: Bernd Seeland, Faculty of Architecture, KIT Karlsruhe