Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ing. Hanaa Dahy at grow.build.repeat. by KIT

2020 symposium grow.build.repeat. by the KIT Faculty of Architecture

Prof. Dr. Hanaa Dahy gave a lecture about her research projects at the symposium grow.build.repeat., held by the KIT Faculty of Architecture in December 2020. Thereby she addressed different ways and technologies of working with biocomposites and natural fibers.

video: Aurora Motion Pictures
cut: Hanna Hoss

In her lecture “Biomaterials ans Automation: New Era for Future Architecture” at the symposium grow.build.repeat., she gave an insight in the interdisciplinary design and work on the student projects “Biomaterials Pavilion” and “Tailored Biocomposite Mock-Up”.

Prof. Dr. Hanaa Dahy, born in Cairo, is a registered architect in Germany and in Egypt. After earning her PHD with excellence at the University of Stuttgart in 2014, Dahy established her (BioMat) department “Biomaterials and Material Cycles in Architecture” since 2016 at ITKE (Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design) in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Stuttgart.

She owns european and international patents, won diverse international prizes, leads multiple industrial projects and is a founding member of ArchIDA (Stuttgart Research Center for Architecture: Integrative Design and Adaptive Building) and is a PI (Principal Investigator) of the DFG- German federal funded Cluster of Excellence IntCDC: “Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture”.