Dipl. Kfm. Daniel Fuhrhop at sustain.build.repeat. by KIT

2022 Symposium sustain.build.repeat. by the KIT Faculty of Architecture

Dipl. Kfm. Daniel Fuhrhop gave a lecture about how new living spaces can be created without harming the climate and without constructing new buildings at the symposium sustain.build.repeat., held by the KIT Faculty of Architecture in April 2022. He presents his idea of social programs connecting people who need housing or have too much space for their own.

video: Pink Event Service GmbH & CO.KG
cut: Natascha Steiner

In his lecture “The hidden living space. A response to housing shortages and climate crisis.” at the symposium sustain.build.repeat., he talks about the two most promising options of matching different housing desires: reunite/homeshare programs and social (ethical) renting.

Daniel Fuhrhop works as an economist at the University of Oldenburg on how to advise owners of old buildings, thereby finding living space and putting it to new use. As a non-fiction author, he wrote the pamphlet „Verbietet das Bauen!“ and the guidebook „Einfach anders wohnen“. Previously, he was an entrepreneur for fifteen years, founding and managing Stadtwandel Verlag. In 2021 he ran for mayor of Oldenburg and achieved 46% in the run-off election. He lives in Potsdam from 2022.