100% made from recycled plastic

The specific properties of the material, the color and design are determined by the recycled raw material. This makes each panel of the recycled plastic sheets unique.

© Bernd Seeland, Faculty of Architecture, KIT Karlsruhe

The sheet material is solid and can be cut, drilled and milled. The raw materials for the plate material include production waste or various used plastic materials, such as used cutting boards or plastic food containers.

The Dapple Sheets are made from recycled High-Density-Polyethylen (PE-HD). They are available in different color combinations. Depending on the raw material and its color, the end product has a certain translucency. The material has a high hardness and density, good UV and weather resistance and a moderate scratch resistance. Dapple sheets are 100% waterproof.

In the experimental residential unit UMAR in the NEST building in Dübendorf, Switzerland, the walls of a bathroom were covered with the recycling plastic material: nest-umar.net