Architekturschaufenster Karlsruhe: The new KIT material library

Contribution in the ASF Journal 2020

The ASF Journal is a magazine with manifold contributions about building culture in and around the city of Karlsruhe. Architecture, design and research are given a voice in this journal. The “Architekturschaufenster” in Karlsruhe is an important place of mediation and discussion of building culture. In the future it will for example also critically deal with the current initiative “New European Bauhaus”. In the fifth edition of the ASF Journal, a contribution about the KIT material library is presented under the title “offspring”.

Cover ASF Journal 2020 © Architekturschaufenster Karlsruhe

The newly designed material library of the KIT faculty of architecture serves through its physical as well as digital design as a vessel for storing knowledge and imparting knowledge about innovative building materials for the present and the future. The aim is to create and to train a new generation of visionary and interested young people who are capable to think scientifically and to act sustainably. In addition to the presentation of common building materials In the future, the focus will also be on new topics such as ‘building materials from the urban mine’, ‘building materials from biotic resources’ and ‘building materials from local resources in our region ‘

Interior view © Manuel Rausch

Through this focus on important and future-oriented questions the KIT material library becomes an international point of contact for innovation, research and teaching. In the future, all materials based on extensive data sheets will be easily accessible on a public database. Different exhibitions will provide information about specific topics and invite the visitors to an open discourse. Through material studies and material-specific research seminars the students are actively involved in redesigning and rebuilding the material library.

Once the renovation work is complete, the materials library will be freely accessible.

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